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"Rebuilding Communities: The Power of Integrated Living Spaces in Disaster Recovery"

Updated: May 13

Integrative community space for Sumur-Pandeglang-Banten-Indonesia community post silent tsunami humanitarian response by KUN Humanity system +

*Note : RTB : Ruang Tumbuh Bersama in English : Integrated Community Space


Disasters disrupt more than the physical landscape; they upend communities and shatter social networks. Recognizing the profound need for not just physical but social reconstruction, KUN Humanity System+ has pioneered the concept of Integrated Living Community Spaces (RTB) as centers for recovery and resilience. This post explores how these spaces play a pivotal role in community development post-disaster.

Concept of Integrated Living Community Space (RTB):

In the wake of disaster, the immediate focus is often on emergency relief and physical rebuilding. However, sustainable recovery encompasses much more—it requires rebuilding the social fabric and empowering communities to lead their recovery. The RTB initiative by KUN Humanity System+ serves this purpose by providing spaces where community members can gather, share resources, and participate in recovery activities together.

Case Study: Implementing RTB in Disaster-Affected Areas

  • Context: Following the destructive impact of the Sunda Strait Tsunami, many communities found themselves not only homeless but also community-less.

  • Action Taken: KUN Humanity System+ established several RTBs in the hardest-hit areas. These spaces were designed to facilitate a range of activities, from educational programs and health services to cultural and recreational events.

  • Impact: RTBs quickly became hubs of community life, places where people could find psychological comfort and social support while participating in diverse activities that facilitated both individual and community healing.

  • After RTB in Sunda Strait Tsunami, KUN Humanity System + continue the program with RTB in Kulawi for the community space integrated with Radio Broadcasting in Covid-19 pandemic as a community center. (picture above)

The Role of RTBs in Community Empowerment:

  • Empowering Women and Youth: RTBs often focus on empowering vulnerable groups within the community, such as women and youth, by providing skills training and leadership development workshops.

  • Supporting Livelihoods: By hosting vocational training and small business workshops, RTBs help community members develop new skills and income sources, crucial for long-term recovery.

  • Fostering Cultural Preservation: Cultural activities in RTBs help preserve local traditions and arts, promoting cultural continuity amidst the disarray of post-disaster environments.

Community training at Integrated community space for Sumur-Pandeglang-Banten-Indonesia community post silent tsunami humanitarian response by KUN Humanity system +

Overcoming Challenges:

  • Sustainability: Ensuring that RTBs continue to serve communities long after the initial post-discovery period involves continuous engagement and support from local leaders and international partners.

  • Community Participation: Initially, there may be reluctance or apathy towards participating in community activities. Overcoming this requires tailored engagement strategies that reflect the community’s needs and interests.

Future Directions:

KUN Humanity System+ is committed to not only maintaining but also expanding the RTB concept. Plans include:

  • Replication in Other Regions: Learning from successful implementations, KUN plans to replicate RTB models in other disaster-prone regions as a proactive measure.

  • Enhancing Facilities and Programs: Based on community feedback, KUN will continually enhance the facilities and diversify the programs offered in RTBs to better serve community needs.


Integrated Living Community Spaces are more than just physical structures; they are beacons of hope and pillars of resilience in disaster-stricken communities. By fostering a sense of belonging and providing a platform for community-led recovery, RTBs help ensure that the path to recovery is as much about rebuilding lives as it is about reconstructing buildings.

Call to Action:

Support our mission to expand Integrated Living Community Spaces across disaster-affected regions. Your contributions help us build more than structures; they help us rebuild communities. Donate today or volunteer to be a part of this transformative initiative.

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