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Landslide and flod emergency response in Lebak-Banten-Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +


In the heart of devastation, turning crisis into opportunities for community strength and renewal.


KUN Humanity System+ is at the forefront of emergency response, providing immediate medical aid, psychological support, and essential supplies to disaster-stricken communities. Our rapid deployment teams specialize in reaching remote and severely affected areas, ensuring that help arrives when it is needed most.


  • Immediate Medical Support : We establish mobile medical units and health posts in disaster areas to offer urgent medical care and support. These initiatives have been crucial in areas like West Sulawesi following the 2021 earthquake and in Banten Province post the Sunda Strait Tsunami.

  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support : Alongside physical health services, our teams provide essential mental health and psychological support to help communities cope with the trauma of disasters. Our efforts include psychosocial first aid, group counseling, and targeted support for vulnerable communities.

  • Logistics and Supply Distribution : Critical to our emergency response is our ability to provide logistical support and distribute essential supplies like food, water, and hygiene kits. This logistics operation extends to areas that are hardest hit and often overlooked by larger aid mechanisms.


KUN Humanity System + Emergency reponses Map


Emergency Response
Emergency Respons Salua

Emergency Respons Salua

On March 9th 2018, when the flash flood hit Salua village KUN Humanity System + deploy one team to do rapid assessment and documentation in Salua village because the location nearby the Namo Village the recent bamboo shelter project. After the assessment, KUN Humanity System + with supporting by International Medical Corps decided to medical responses and logistic distribution to as many affected population after flash flood. Rapid response conducting in 2 phase for the medical response and logistic distribution At the first phase, 17 March 2019, the distribution of food item, which plan for 50 beneficiaries (based on the data assessment and the head of village after counting on the community who is the house impacted by the flash flood). In the distribution process, the community discuss and decided to distribute the first logistic for 80 household based on the fact that even not all the houses got damage by the flash flood, but their houses also watering by the flash flood and cause damage in their food and stocks in the houses. In the second distribution on 21 March 2019, the hygiene kit and shelter kit distribution. In the process, community together with the head of village decided to distribute the package for 120 households. This distribution decided based on the need for each household. The village government and the community have their own mechanism to distribute the logistic. For Medical response, 51 total patients come to the clinic consist of 12 (23,5%) male patients and 39 (76,5%) Female patients. Most Disease is Upper Resporatory Tract Infection, Syndrome dyspepsia, Hypertension and Tension type headache. In the response, also come International Medical Corps.


  • Access and Mobility : Our operations often face challenges due to damaged infrastructure and remote locations. We adapt by employing mobile clinics and using local transport solutions to reach isolated areas.

  • Coordination with Local Authorities : We ensure effective response by coordinating closely with local disaster management agencies and health services, enhancing the efficiency and impact of our interventions.


Building on our experiences, we are continuously enhancing our readiness for rapid deployment and increasing our capacity to handle multiple simultaneous emergencies. Our focus remains on improving the resilience of vulnerable communities against future disasters.

"Support our emergency response efforts by donating, volunteering, or partnering with us. Your contribution makes a crucial difference in our ability to respond swiftly and effectively to disasters."

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