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Community waste management program for silent tsunami survivor community in Sumur-Pandeglang-Banten-Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +



Our Community Development Program is designed to address the challenges and harness the potential of the communities we serve. Following significant events and subsequent challenges, our focus has been on empowering local communities through capacity building, improving disaster risk management, and enhancing environmental sustainability.

Community Based
Disaster Risk Reduction



Enhance resilience and reduce disaster risks by empowering communities with the knowledge and tools to effectively respond to and manage disasters.

  • Engage in community-based disaster risk assessments to identify and map areas of vulnerability and potential hazards across affected regions such as Tamanjaya, Cigorondong, and Sumberjaya.

  • Implement disaster preparedness training, including disaster mitigation, early warning system recognition, and emergency response tactics, to equip communities with the necessary skills for disaster management.

  • Conduct simulations and drills to reinforce disaster response techniques and ensure community readiness in the face of potential disasters.


  • Improved understanding and preparedness among community members, leading to quicker and more coordinated responses during emergencies.

  • Increased capacity of local disaster risk management teams, empowering them to lead initiatives that protect and educate their communities.

  • Strengthened community resilience against natural disasters through proactive planning and the establishment of early warning systems.

Community based disaster risk reduction simulation of silent tsunamy community survivor in Sumur-Pandeglang-Banten-Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +

Waste Management and Environmental Cleanup




Address environmental health issues by enhancing waste management and reducing environmental hazards.

  • Community training on waste segregation and management, focusing on reducing, reusing, and recycling materials to minimize environmental impact.

  • Distribution of bamboo-made waste bins to promote eco-friendly waste disposal practices​​.

  • Improved environmental conditions with a substantial reduction in improperly disposed waste.

  • Increased community participation in sustainable waste management practices, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

Community waste management program for silent tsunami survivor community in Sumur-Pandeglang-Banten-Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +

Sustainable Livelihood and
Skills Development




Promote economic empowerment and sustainability through skill development in traditional and environmentally friendly crafts.

  • Provide training in bamboo furniture making to foster local entrepreneurship and reduce reliance on unsustainable wood products​​

  • Conduct workshops on natural mattress creation and other traditional crafts to revive cultural heritage and reduce plastic waste​​.

  • Creation of new economic opportunities through enhanced skills in bamboo furniture production and other traditional crafts.

  • Preservation of cultural heritage and reduction in plastic waste, promoting environmental sustainability.

Bamboo-Craft-Training-community training in Lombok-Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +

Health and Hygiene




Improve health outcomes through better hygiene practices and sanitation facilities.

  • Organize health and hygiene training sessions to educate on proper sanitation practices and disease prevention​​.

  • Implement sanitation infrastructure projects, including the construction of latrines and provision of clean water facilities.

  • Enhanced community health through improved hygiene awareness and practices.

  • Increased access to adequate sanitation facilities, reducing the incidence of hygiene-related diseases.

Hygiene promotion to schools in Sumur-Pandeglang-Banten-Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +


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