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Environment Program Tree and Bamboo Reforestation in Sembalun-Lombok-Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +


At KUN Humanity System+, our commitment to sustainable environmental solutions is driven by our dedication to restoring ecosystems and fostering community resilience. Integrating local knowledge with innovative building materials like bamboo, we've launched initiatives that not only rebuild but reinvigorate communities post-disaster.

Sustainable Post Disaster
Bamboo Housing


To provide safe, sustainable, and culturally appropriate housing solutions post-disaster, while promoting environmental conservation and supporting local economies. Utilize local, sustainable materials and methods in our building projects to reduce environmental impact. In response to the environmental degradation that often follows disaster recovery, we utilize locally sourced bamboo to construct durable, eco-friendly shelters as part of our post-disaster rebuilding efforts.


  • Construction of Bamboo Shelters : In collaboration with local communities and International Medical Corps, KUN has constructed 52 bamboo-based transitional shelters in the village of Namo, benefiting over 500 individuals directly impacted by the 2018 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami.

  • Community Involvement and Training : Extensive community participation was integral, involving local residents in everything from the design to the construction process. This hands-on involvement ensured skills transfer and increased ownership of the projects.

  • WASH Facilities Integration : Alongside the shelters, the initiative included the construction of family and community latrines and the distribution of waste containers, enhancing overall sanitation and hygiene within the affected community


  • Housing Security : Provided secure, comfortable, and resilient housing for over 500 disaster-affected individuals.

  • Economic and Environmental Benefits : The use of bamboo, a low-cost and locally available material, kept much of the project expenditure within the community, boosting local economy and reducing environmental impact.

  • Skill Development and Empowerment : Residents trained in bamboo construction have gained valuable skills, boosting local employment opportunities and preparing the community for future construction needs independently.

bamboo housing temporary shelter for tsunami-earthquake-leqifaction survivor community in centralo sulawesi-Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +

Community Training and Empowerment


The Community Training and Empowerment program is a cornerstone of KUN Humanity System+'s approach to sustainable development. By empowering local communities with the skills and knowledge to manage their resources and environment effectively, KUN Humanity System+ fosters long-term resilience and self-sufficiency.


  • Skill Development Workshops : Conducting workshops in bamboo cultivation, sustainable building techniques, and environmental management. These workshops are designed to provide practical, hands-on learning experiences that can be directly applied to the community’s daily needs and economic activities.

  • Leadership and Management Training : Offering training sessions focused on project management, leadership, and sustainable business practices to local leaders and emerging community champions. This ensures that community-led projects have strong guidance and sustainable management practices in place.

  • Youth Engagement Programs : Implementing programs specifically designed to engage and empower the youth within the community, providing them with the education and skills necessary to take active roles in their community’s development.


  • Enhanced Local Capacities : Residents become proficient in sustainable practices and technologies, leading to improved management of local resources.

  • Economic Empowerment : Training programs have directly contributed to creating new local enterprises and enhancing existing ones, leading to job creation and increased economic activity within the community.

  • Strengthened Community Resilience : With improved skills and knowledge, communities are better equipped to face environmental challenges and can effectively plan and implement long-term sustainability projects.

bamboo housing temporary shelter for tsunami-earthquake-leqifaction survivor community in centralo sulawesi-Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +

Environmental Restoration Projects


KUN Humanity System+ is committed to revitalizing degraded environments while fostering community development through its expansive Environmental Restoration Projects. Spanning multiple regions including Lombok's Genggelang and Sembalun areas, as well as Kulawi in Central Sulawesi, these initiatives focus on reforestation, sustainable agriculture, and community empowerment to achieve ecological sustainability and economic resilience.


  • Restore Degraded Landscapes : Implement large-scale reforestation to replenish native flora, stabilize soil, and improve land usability.

  • Enhance Biodiversity : Reintroduce native species to boost local biodiversity and strengthen ecological networks.

  • Promote Sustainable Community Development : Integrate economic development with environmental initiatives to provide sustainable livelihoods through eco-friendly practices.


  • Reforestation and Afforestation : Planting over 33,551 trees and bamboo across Lombok and Sulawesi, focusing on native and economically valuable species to enhance ecological and economic benefits.

  • Community-Led Conservation : Engaging local communities in environmental restoration efforts through education and active participation in planting and land management.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives : Training local farmers in sustainable practices that complement reforestation efforts, such as permaculture, agroforestry, and organic farming.


  • Environmental Improvements : Significant reduction in soil erosion and degradation, with improved habitat connectivity supporting diverse wildlife populations.

  • Community Empowerment : Over 547 community members trained in environmental stewardship, enhancing local capacity for sustainable development and environmental management.

  • Economic Benefits : Creation of sustainable job opportunities through the integration of conservation efforts with agricultural and forestry-based economic activities.

Environment Program Tree and Bamboo Reforestation in Sembalun-Lombok-Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +
Map of Environment Program in Indonesia by KUN Humanity System +


Integrated Bamboo Space Kulawi
Living With Bamboo

Living With Bamboo

Bamboo Warriors KUN has been directly involved in the emergency response for Palu-Koro line fault earthquake since early October 2019. KUN provides emergency medical treatment, emergency logistic distribution, and psychosocial support to the affected population. In December 2018 and January 2019 KUN & IMC hold a training on shelter construction and livelihood that relate to bamboo shelter construction, bamboo processing, and craftmanship. The training is very important to develop local individuals to be more resourceful in bamboo subjects. These individuals are the ones who were going to spearhead the shelter bamboo construction for the affected population. The idea of the training is initiated by dr Chandra Sembiring, the founder of KUN. He understands the future application of the knowledge gained in the training will be very crucial. He expects the mass utilization of wood and major forest exploitation to meet spiking needs of shelters for IDP in Central Sulawesi (Central Celebes). They are ordinary people with extraordinary love. Ordinary people with the heart for others. Ordinary people who really get it. They really share the same value and dream as KUN during the training process. They are the ones who will spread the value and dream to others. They are Bamboo Warriors. The Bamboo Warriors start their first mission in Namo village of Kulawi subdistricts. A remote place, located just outside of Lore Lindu National Park. They have been doing their works in Namo for the last 4 months. Working tirelessly to finish their masterpiece, 52 transitional bamboo shelters for 52 households in the village. Their relentless efforts to protect the environment inspires the villagers, their determination wins the heart of the people, and their perseverance moves the people. Now, the people in Namo share the same value and dream as these Bamboo Warriors. They are not only the hero for the environment, but also the people. If Leuser National Park has its guardians, then Lore Lindu National Park has Bamboo Warriors. Working together with the power of love for a better world. For Donnation Support : Account Number : 1310018855777 Yayasan KUN Gerakan Manusia MANDIRI SWIFT CODE : BMRIIDJA
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